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Name:Hidden By Gods
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You might have just crossed a bridge, a tunnel, or perhaps just walked into a room or building; either way it’s a place you weren’t supposed to go. Now you find yourself in an old, almost theme park sort of town, with a brightly painted bathhouse directly in front of you. Finding a way back is impossible it seems, as the sun is setting and the previously empty river leading to your only potential exit has now swelled to that of an ocean.

You hear a voice— a voice that echoes inside your head — that begins to guide you, telling you to go into the bathhouse, find a woman named Yubaba, and ask for work. No matter how many times you ask why or what’s going on, the voice does not answer.

The gods have taken you to this place, and have taken something important from you. Their reasons are not important, but how you live in this place is.

RESERVES are CLOSED. Applications are OPEN until July 16th.
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